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KakiFresh Nature

Attending Fruit Attraction 2017

KakiFresh Nature attending Fruit Attraction 2017

This year KakiFresh Nature will again be attending the Fruit Attraction in Madrid. During the show we will have many new opportunities that we have developed the last few months.

Year-round Kaki
With the first arrival of Kaki fruit supplied from the southern hemisphere a few months ago KakiFresh has taken a big step into a year-round Kaki program. Come and visit our booth hall 5B05A to learn more about this unique opportunity.

BIO Kaki
KakiFresh Nature has added BIO Kaki to their Kaki program. Although BIO is still a small part of the market. KakiFresh wants to grow this part of its assortment in line with market and demand.

Kaki Slicer
To make the preparation of a Kaki more easy we have developed a Kaki Slicer. The Kaki Slicer is an easy tool that will allow consumers to prepare perfect Kaki wedges in seconds. Ideal to prepare a quick fruit snack for school and work.

KakiFresh Nature
Fruit Attraction Madrid, 18-20 October 2017
Hall 5 - Booth 5B05A


+34 959 873 207   |   info@kakifresh.com
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