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Takeover of kaki fruit plant by KakiFresh Nature

HillFresh: Kaki expert with global ambitions

Kaki Fresh Nature, the Spanish harvesting and packing branch of HillFresh International has recently purchased a young kaki fruit (persimmon, Rojo Billante) plant in Spain. “To meet the fast growing demand of our customers the next logical step is to start with our own plant in Spain. This way we can control things like quality and food-safety” says Pieter de Jong at HillFresh International.

Several years ago KakiFresh entered the world of kaki fruit by harvesting products at the fruit plants, packing the product and selling it. KakiFresh now also controls the process of growing the kaki. Because of a special harvesting method KakiFresh Nature is capable of supplying a high quality kaki fruit under the HillFresh premium label “Always Tasty”.

Recently HillFresh has expanded their kaki plants to the southern hemisphere in order to supply the market in the near future with kaki fruit year-round.

HillFresh International is an international enterprise founded in 2007. Its main focus is targeted on supplying kiwi, melon, grapes, citrus and kaki with an optimal taste. Products that meet HillFresh highest standards are marketed under the “Always Tasty” label.

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