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Jesús Sánchez Conde
Agricultural engineer
Jesús Sánchez Conde

Food safety and quality

With food safety it’s all about knowledge and collaboration 
Up-to-date knowledge of all relevant food safety issues is crucial, since new issues appear each year. Issues like perchlorate, amines in the wash and DDAC / BAC must be nipped in the bud. Microbiological issues and the containment of viruses are becoming increasingly relevant. After all, the health of the end-user and your business are paramount.

Knowledge: the HillFresh business intelligence system 
KakiFresh wants to prevent problems rather than solve them. That is why we share the knowledge we have gained through training and studies via working groups on food safety and expert panels (like FoodCompass). The enormous amount of data from the many analysis and tests is available to our staff, customers and suppliers. That investment has manifested in the HillFresh business intelligence system. 

Collaboration: steering from the source 
Those wanting to insure food safety and all additional customer demands will need to work closely with suppliers. We aim for long-term relations so that we can steer production methods. These short, personal lines guarantee transparency, quality and safety.

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