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Jesús Sánchez Conde
Agricultural engineer
Jesús Sánchez Conde

About KakiFresh

KakiFresh redefines 'flavour' 
KakiFresh represents a wide range of quality products, distinctive through the optimal taste sensation. We believe that flavour is in many things; in texture, succulence, in fragrance and colour. Flavour can also be in the growers, in the packaging and in the presentation. At KakiFresh we add that little bit extra. Since flavour is also in transparency, honesty, innovation and food safety.

Transparency: like knows like... literally! We take our customers to the growers, we introduce the grower to the end-user, and we include the end-user in the evaluation process. With so much transparency, honesty is a prerequisite and a result.

Innovation: many people talk about it but only a few invest so much energy, time and resources in actually bringing new varieties onto the market. Or in creating new niches, packaging, sales concepts and anything that can contribute to a successful future.

Food safety: one more prerequisite, and one that is becoming increasingly important and more complex; not only with regards to regulations but primarily due to our own sense of responsibility.

And besides that? We are simply a business where we all roll up our sleeves to achieve the best results for you. Irrespective of the number of obstacles we have to overcome.

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